Knauf Award

Knauf awards WEIG the Global Supplier Prize for Lined Products!

As one of the world's leading plasterboard manufacturers, WEIG was surprised to receive the Global Supplier Award for Lined Products from building materials supplier Knauf.

The awarding of this prize illustrates not only the high level of recognition, but also the trust in the quality of the products and in the joint cooperation.

Despite our long-standing partnership, the award from Knauf came as a surprise - and we were therefore all the more delighted! This was also emphasized by Bernd Stibi, Managing Director of WEIG Technical Liner, when he thanked Knauf on behalf of the entire company: "The recognition from Knauf is a great honor for us. The award rewards our ongoing partnership and underlines the reliability of WEIG's products and services." However, we did not want to rest on our laurels, said Stibi. Instead, the award is an incentive to continue to improve.

The award from Knauf is a sign of confidence in the quality of our products and a recognition of first-class customer service. What's more, WEIG was not only able to meet Knauf's high requirements and standards, but in many cases even exceeded them. "Exceptional performance is not only a commitment, but also an attitude - both to the customer and to our own product. It is the constant endeavor to improve and achieve common goals. Moritz J. WEIG stands for precisely these important qualities. That is why I am proud that we at Knauf can award WEIG for the best performance in the field of lined products," explained Petteri Salonen, Global Product Group Manager Plasterboard at Knauf.

Continuous pursuit of common goals

Knauf's recognition is a sign of confidence in the quality of WEIG's products and its ability to respond to customer needs. What's more, WEIG has not only been able to meet Knauf's high requirements and standards, but in many cases even exceed them.

The history of WEIG and Knauf spans over five decades and has developed over time into a successful and trusting partnership. From the very beginning, we have worked closely together to develop innovative solutions and first-class products for the construction industry. We at WEIG and Knauf are keen to continue on this path, focusing in particular on current and future product innovations and sustainability projects.




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