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Logistics solutions for the paper industry and beyond


Logistics is a key function in the modern paper industry. ALPA Rohstoffhandel, Logistik und Spedition GmbH ensures that raw materials and goods are always exactly where they are needed - in the paper/cardboard mill or at the converters, printers and retailers. We see our task as more than just transportation. Our aim is to offer comprehensive forwarding services in all areas of the respective value chain.

We have an in-depth understanding of the individual stages and their requirements throughout the entire process chain: from the raw material for paper and cardboard production to the filling processes for branded goods. With our logistics, we connect all the individual links in the chain safely, smoothly and always "just in time".

In order to fulfill our tasks perfectly in the interests of our customers, we always start with an intensive and comprehensive inventory. Together with you, we then design individually tailored national and international logistics concepts and services that are environmentally friendly, efficient and socially responsible. As a certified waste management company, all our activities are always flanked by comprehensive quality management.

Although our focus is on the paper and paper processing industry, our experience in this area also benefits our customers in other industrial segments.

We offer you:

  • Joint brainstorming
  • Intensive consultation
  • Definition of the requirements for the loading point
  • Optimization of process sequences
  • Optimization of economic efficiency
  • A modern vehicle fleet
  • Reliable "just in time" scheduling throughout Germany and Europe

You can rely on our expertise as a top forwarding service provider for paper and cardboard - and beyond!



We always reach our destination!

The use of a modern vehicle fleet that meets the latest standards protects the environment, as does our maxim of driving exclusively with outward and return loads. We pay strict attention to optimized and fully utilized loading units. Light vehicles allow above-average payloads and cost-effective transportation for the customer. Vehicles with integrated conveyor systems facilitate loading and unloading, reduce downtimes and thus contribute to a significant reduction in the burden on people and the environment. All of this is achieved day after day by our optimized scheduling management with motivated and experienced specialists.


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