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Corona protection with love for the environment

WEIG Group companies win the European Carton Excellence Award 2020 with innovative disposable mask

They become even more important with increasing numbers of corona infections: mouth-nose masks to protect against droplets and aerosols. But the millionfold use leads to a high volume of waste that cannot be recycled. In order to offer an environmentally friendly alternative, the companies WEIG-Packaging and WEIG-Karton have developed a disposable mouth-nose mask made of recycled cardboard and filter paper.

The innovation has now been officially honored – as the winner of the European Carton Excellence Award 2020, Europe's most important competition for cardboard packaging. It is awarded annually by Pro Carton and the European Carton Makers Association (ECMA) which represent the European cartonboard and folding carton industry. To win the coveted award, cartonboard manufacturers, converters and designers submit their most creative and successful ideas. This year, the WEIG Group's face mask solution was the winner in the category "General Packaging, Recycled Fibre". The official award winners are WEIG-Packaging as converter and WEIG-Karton as cartonboard supplier. The jury especially praised the successful design, the easy handling and the environmentally friendly concept.

The clever concept comes from the packaging development department of WEIG-Packaging in Emskirchen. "We want to make a contribution to the fight against corona and at the same time use our expertise in the areas of recycling and cardboard," explains Sales Manager Ronny Bruchmann.

The disposable mouth-nose cover is made of cardboard and a filter paper as an insert. The paper reduces the spread of droplets and aerosols from the carrier. It is approved for direct contact with food so it can be worn without hesitation. The mask is suitable for any head size as it can be adjusted to the ear openings. The special highlight: the product can be individually printed by WEIG-Packaging – so companies have the option to use it as an advertising space.

The WEIG Group sees the target group primarily in companies and organizations that want to make the face mask solution available to customers, visitors or members. The first user is the wholesale bakery “Kuchenmeister” in Soest, Westphalia, an international supplier of ready-made cakes, pyramid cakes and christmas stollen.




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