We want our customers to be successful with our products – no matter at what level in the value chain.

So, we think beyond the next step in the manufacturing process. We focus on the needs of the manufacturers and users. This approach differentiates us from others as we operate our own integrated value chain that covers all the steps from recycling through to cartonboard manufacturing on to packaging.

By working within and closing the fibre cycle we meet our product responsibility targets, protect the environment and ensure the efficient use of resources.

Value creation – for you.



Reliability is one of the most essential aspects when it comes to success. This is especially true when considering subsequent manufacturing and processing.

Product safety begins with the quality of the raw materials and the in depth knowledge of them. Our own, sophisticated processes and systems that are used throughout the production process are key to product safety and certification of the way we operate confirm our success in delivering this.

We ensure reliability of supply through our own, integrated value chain at every level. The basis for a reliable supply is networks in the raw material supply, our own, overlapping logistics facilities and a multi site concept in the field of packaging manufacturing.

But it is not only this. Our decades of experience and the knowledge of modern processes and technologies in the manufacturing and processing of cartonboard are vital in offering our customers optimal processability in all the subsequent processing steps.

Safety – all around.



The drive for accuracy and reliability as well as looking after our business partners, employees, the environment and society, is what unites us across all of our business units and manufacturing steps.

Skill, accuracy, reliability and enthusiasm are more than merely words to us – they are a daily routine. We pursue a responsible business policy that values integrity, sincerity and loyalty towards all interest groups very highly. We are sure that this attitude contributes to a great extent to our success as a family run group. We have set up an independent department for the personal development of our employees. In addition, the bonds we have with the local community and region are very important to us - for example, we are co-founders and supporters of the district heating project of Mayen, the town in which the mill is located. Excess heat energy that the mill is unable to use is made available for the heating of private and public buildings.

Just – driven by care.